UPS Franchise – Good Option for 2021? vettedbiz

Watch Vetted Biz’s video to see if the UPS store is a good franchise option for 2021.

The UPS Store started off as “Mailboxes Etc” back in 1980, when it functioned as an alternative service to the U.S. post office. Following a rapid growth within that same year, its founders Gerald Aul, Pat Senn and Robert Diaz soon after, sold their first franchise that later opened in San Diego, California. From there, the business continued to grow exponentially, until 21 years later they acquired UPS. Today, The UPS Store has over 5,000 stores across Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States. Additionally, it is currently headquartered in San Diego, California and is led by its President, Tim Davis, who has been serving the company since early 2002.

Summary Investing in a UPS Store franchise is an attractive opportunity, especially for individuals who carry a business background and have former work experience. The Mailing and Shipping Services industry is always a safe investment as there’s always room for expansion, especially seeing their ultimate goal is to merge and make cities, countries and families closer to each other!

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