The ROI of Managed Services

Companies of all sizes are being faced with significant talent challenges. In the IT and Telecommunications industries specifically, attracting top talent is no longer the toughest roadblock – retaining them is. In today’s competitive workplace, personnel leaving for higher paying jobs creates a loss of productivity, low morale and general workload management problems. That doesn’t include the investment required to hire, on-board and train them just to see them go within a few months. 

As technology progresses and new generations enter the workforce, a new personnel model is rapidly taking over. The same requirements requested for up and coming technology such as agility, scalability and faster time to market, are now crossing over into the workforce. Organizations are finding it difficult to bring on talent that is flexible enough to keep up with the shifts in priorities. Projects requiring specific expertise may be replaced with higher value initiatives that require a completely different skillset. In both IT and communications, workload can also fluctuate based on season or order volume. How do you maintain profitability when resource utilization is constantly changing? 

To support today’s evolving workforce, Wicresoft has perfected a managed service model that guarantee’s increased ROI, protects moral, and optimizes team productivity. Your teams can focus on the work that impacts competitive advantage such as innovation and R & D, while your managed service team can help maintain the day to day operations. 

Join us for this webinar as we review the ROI of a managed service model including a real life case study from one of the largest Communication’s providers in the United States. Topics include:

• Workforce Challenges
• Managed Service Overview
• Managed Service Benefits
• Case Study – Telecom (Network Ops/OSS/BSS)
• Managed Service ROI
• Managed Service Offerings
• Business Applications

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