Long Term Strategies for Franchising with Buzz Franchise Brand’s CEO, Kevin Wilson

I’m joined on today’s episode of Franchise Secrets by my good friend Kevin Wilson. As someone who originally started in private equity, moved into franchising and now runs Buzz Franchise Brands, Kevin brings a unique perspective with different insights from most of our guests. What I find really sets him apart is his ability to understand both the franchisee and the franchisor, as well as the best approach to creating a high functioning business with the intent to build equity.

Today we cover a wide range of topics from planning an exit strategy, to making decisions for the long term, to one important trait that most successful people have in common, and so much more. I love Kevin’s take on how to start the franchisor-franchisee relationship off on the right foot as well as what you can expect a potential investor to be looking for when you ultimately plan to sell a franchise business.

This episode is perfect for anyone just starting out in franchising that wants to learn how to plan for the long term, or people with a few franchises under their belts but looking to level up their game and eventually plan a graceful exit. Tune in for an hour’s worth of gems from Kevin!