From $500 to $30K/Month with a Mobile Car Detailing Business

Starting a business with $500—sounds far-fetched, right? That’s how much Isaiah Barhoum had when he started Big’s Mobile Detailing. He’s since turned that investment into a $120K/year car detailing business, and is on track to more than double that revenue in 2021.

Even more impressive, Isaiah started his auto detailing business when he was still a senior in high school and managed it remotely while he went to college. Rather than pushing for big revenue growth early, he focused on establishing smart processes and systems during his first few years in business. That’s got him set up for big growth now that he’s graduated and able to focus more time and energy on his car wash business.

In today’s interview, we’ll find out what equipment is required for a mobile detailing setup and how Isaiah maximized his tight budget when he started his detailing business. One way he cut down on start-up costs was by running Big’s Mobile Detailing from his personal car.

He’ll share the pros and cons of a mobile car wash business and how he built his brand without a physical location. We’ll also find out what he’s doing now to drive growth and how he plans to hit his goal of $750K/year in revenue by 2022.

Detailing a car doesn’t require any specialized training, and as you can see from Isaiah’s story it has a super low start-up cost. If you think car detailing could be the ideal business for you, this video is a must-watch! You can learn more about Big’s Mobile Detailing at their website,

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Starting A Mobile Car Detailing Business
3:10 Initial Budget
3:53 Mobile Car Detailing Tools
5:33 Daily Sales and Profit
6:43 Monthly Operating Costs and Expenses
7:50 Business Storage Unit and Marketing
9:23 Service Packages
10:50 Yearly Revenue
11:40 Local Supplier and Distribution Center
12:50 Unhappy Clients and Customer Service
14:08 Wholesale Products and Sales Manager
15:23 Pricing Structure and Breakdown
16:39 Franchising VS. Business Ownership
18:35 Business Growth and Expansion
19:52 Car Detailing Skills, Training and Knowledge
21:43 Storage Unit Breakdown
23:17 Business Challenges and Obstacles
24:44 Education
25:55 Factors To Success and Scaling
27:11 Blitz
28:28 Car Detailing Dressings and Wax
30:27 Standing Out
31:29 Running A Remote Business
33:51 Final Tips and Advice
34:33 Outro

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