Franchisee Insights – “It’s very much limitless…” PACK & SEND Franchise Opportunities

David Scicluna has been a PACK & SEND Franchisee since 2013. He now owns two Franchises and was awarded Franchisee of the Year in 2016.
” From a growth perspective, the business model is helpful because it allows scope to take the business wherever we need to.
There’s a lot of options in terms of the services that we can provide. It’s very much limitless and that means that, no matter what type of customer comes to us, we’re able to look after them.
We can do as much or as little as they need and we’re always having and more tools and more and more options given to us to make sure that we stay ahead of the competition.
And there really is nobody equivalent to the services that we provide anyway but it just allows us to work a lot smarter and be able to provide services that can’t be found amongst other carriers for example or courier services which only do courier services.”

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