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Video 1 – Co-Branding of Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers

Video 2 – Full-Service Franchise Support

Video 3 – A Recession-Resistant Business

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Video 5 – Balancing Work and Life

Why should you consider a business franchise opportunity with Express Oil and Tire Engineers in Orlando, Florida? One reason is that Express Oil and Tire Engineers is a full service franchisor.

You’d like to start your own business, but you’re not sure if you know enough about how to start one to do it successfully, or really even where to begin.

That’s where we come in, and just one more reason why you should take some time to learn more about the Express Oil Change and Tire Engineer’s franchise opportunity.

We’ve been in business since 1979, and we own and operate over 90 stores. And we provide support to franchisees who operate over 100 more.

We are a full service franchisor, meaning that we will take you by the hand and lead you every step of the way to help you get your store built, open and operating.

No previous business or automotive experience is necessary to become an Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers franchisee, because we provide extensive support, training, and coaching from the very beginning of the process, and throughout the operating life of the business.

Our experienced experts will help you identify the best location for your business, guide you through the process of buying or leasing the property, connect you with banks to get the financing you need, provide store design services and provide assistance in getting permits and construction bids, plan the equipment ordering and installation work, and have people on site to provide support as the store opens.

Compare our 8 week training program for new franchisees to most other franchise companies, and you’ll understand why we are a leader not only in the auto maintenance industry, but amongst all franchised business models.

Also generally unique in the franchise world, Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers field support experts even help you in hiring your first store crew, and provide two weeks of training for your crew in our busy company stores to ensure your crew is ready for the first day of business in your new store.

Our marketing and franchise operations support team will help you plan your grand opening and be there to teach you how to grow your business.

Your new business will be your own, but you won’t be alone in getting it started and making it grow.

To learn more about the best business model in the auto repair and maintenance industry, come visit us at and learn why you should consider a business franchise opportunity with Express Oil and Tire Engineers in Orlando, Florida.